Newton Community Development Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that fosters economic and cultural diversity within the City of Newton through the development, ownership and management of affordable housing communities. NCDF also provides property management services for other nonprofit organizations and condominium associations in Newton and in neighboring communities.

Committed to ensuring the availability of affordable housing, NCDF provides some of the only points of entry into Newton’s housing market for households of modest means. The Executive Director and professional staff work closely with a distinguished Board of Directors, whose occupations include affordable housing consultants, social workers, lawyers and others with relevant backgrounds and invaluable expertise. Together they manage hundreds of units of high quality, mixed-income housing throughout Newton’s neighborhoods and beyond, for adults, families, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Developing communities that go beyond the bricks and mortar, NCDF creates and sustains caring environments where a variety of supportive programs are offered. Services in our senior communities enable residents to live independently, enhancing the quality of life while preserving dignity and self-esteem, and benefiting not only residents but their families as well. The NCDF Youth Center at Houghton Village offers structured social, recreational and educational programs and activities for young residents and their families.

Fostering diversity, NCDF attracts a broad spectrum of individuals and families of various ages, incomes, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Our ongoing commitment to providing a range of programs through our Resident Services offices addresses the emerging needs of our residents, ranging from linguistic competence, arts and culture, to an active lifestyle, good nutrition, aging in place and community building.