In June 1968, 24 priests, ministers and rabbis from the Newton Clergy Association and members of Church Women United met and incorporated the Newton Community Development Foundation to pursue ways for Newton to provide affordable housing to meet the needs of the community. Later that year, the leadership of the Foundation was transferred from the Clergy to a lay board of distinguished Newton citizens. The current Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee represent a cross-section of Newton residents and others with multi-faceted interests, resources and expertise, and a deep commitment to the NCDF mission. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time to sustain the strong principles on which NCDF was founded, to advise on program management, and to raise awareness and cultivate public support.

NCDF’s expert property management team regularly undergoes professional development training to stay current with affordable housing issues, requirements and good practices. Staff members are familiar with regulations promulgated by both state and federal agencies that enable them to assist low-income residents who seek affordable housing.

Our Resident Services Coordinator and program staff are essential members of our management team, working together with NCDF residents and local resources to build healthier, stronger communities, enhance quality of life, and ensure that our elderly residents and those with disabilities have access to the services they need to live independently.