Open Rental Opportunities

Below is a listing of all the units currently available from all NCDF properties.

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Property Contacts

Warren House
1600 Washington Street
West Newton, MA 02465
phone: 617-527-6616
Fax 617-558-7044
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Houghton Village
37 Hamlet Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459
Phone 617-244-5196
Fax 617-928-1281
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Casselman House
195 Sumner Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459
Phone 617-964-8647
Fax 617-332-2916
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The John W. Weeks House
7 Hereward Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459
Phone 617-964-8644
Fax 617-964-0553
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ADA/504 Coordinator
Marissa Wheeler
c/o The John W Weeks House
7 Hereward Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459
Phone 617-467-6069
Fax 617-964-0553
TDD 800-439-2370
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